Sample Work

French Ardennes – Extract from 1,500 word feature

Musée de la Forêt - Boar

My last visit to the French Ardennes was some forty years ago, it was in fact my first ever trip abroad, not as a holiday but as part of a school history project about the first and second world wars.

Although the region’s wartime past is still an important part of its identity that still attracts thousands of visitors, there is a great deal more to experience here too.  As a year round destination it has so much to offer with a massive calendar of events and a variety of attractions.  So, armed with some ancient prior knowledge I retraced some of my footsteps to look at things from an adult’s perspective……

Fly Fishing –  Extract from 1,500 word feature


I caught up with Keith on the banks of the River Avon at one of his favourite fishing haunts and, as he cast a line that started out as a gently sweeping ‘S’ before straightening and kissing the surface of the water some yards away, asked him why the sport is attracting so many newcomers

“It is a great way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors and is something the whole family can do together.  Apart from the immediate benefit of fresh air, the most often mentioned benefit is the ‘stress buster’. Many people with busy lifestyles  state the benefit of forgetting all the worry and stress their normal life produces.”

Interviews available for commission

Will Holland – Michelin Star Chef

Andrew Logan – Sculptor

Will Holland

Andrew Logan


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