David Middleton is a freelance journalist specialising in lifestyle, the great outdoors, arts and culture and travel. He is also a hiker who loves a good hike both alone or in good company. He’s never happier when he’s got an ordnance survey map and a compass in his hand, or when he finds a welcoming hostelry off the beaten track.

Besides his magazine and newspaper features he’s a regular contributor to the spoof news website Newsbiscuit (as Dick Everyman) and the Bluffer’s Guide.

  1. Lori Butler says:

    Hi David,
    Just found and thoroughly enjoyed your article on the the St James route. You captured the spirit. Beware the moon–ha–sometimes I did feel that way wandering around the Aubrac by myself in the rain 🙂
    Lori (from the Domaine Sauvage)

    • Hi Lori!

      Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed our evening at Domaine Sauvage and hope you gained loads of inspiration and contentment on your journey. I loved every step of it and learned a great deal along the way. Just back from New Zealand afeter a three month stay and have really missed European cultural heritage even though the walks I undertook were truly amazing.

      Hope all is well with you and good luck with your future travels. Keep me informed!

      Best wishes


      • Lori Butler says:

        Hi David! Sauvage was among the best evenings of my walk. Overall it was an inspirational experience, not without challenges but full of good moments. I’m planning to return next summer for the Cahors–Saint Jean Pied de Port section. I’m definitely hooked on the walking holiday! I imagine it is nice to be home after being gone three months although the scenery and walking trails in New Zealand must be incredible.
        All the best in your future ventures!

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